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Best Affiliate Programs with Automatic Acceptance even for Beginners

March 11th, 2015

Do you know that it is not easy to get into some affiliate programs unless you already have some visitors to your blogs, websites; or you already have a subscription to some kind of newsletter? How do you start a business in internet marketing if you are not able to join the programs? No worries. Here are some of the best affiliate programs with automatic or high acceptance rate.

Technology, Electronics and Photos

Here are some of the best affiliate programs for technology bloggers, web designers and even photographers. If you already own a website, these can be good referral programs to promote on your small business website too. Many of these programs offer non-tangible services with high commission rate.

  • Dreamhost
    best affiliate programEvery webmaster, internet marketer, local and home business owner needs hosting. It only takes one referral per month to make $1164 per year. Approval is automatic so start today and earn an incredible $97 for each shared web hosting referral.
    Click here to join Dreamhost affiliate program
  • WP Engine
    best affiliate programIf you are looking for the biggest commission per sale, then this is the best program to promote. WP Engine smashes tiny commissions offered by other WordPress hosting companies. They pay out a minimum of $150 per sale! WP Engine sells itself. Their customer retention rate is excellent and their brand is super strong in the WordPress space. If you have friends who are web developers or online marketers, this is a great opportunity for you to kick-start your online business.
    Click here to start earning $150 per sale and get accepted automatically
  • Panstoria
    best affiliate programIf you lie arts, this could be something familiar to you. Panstoria offers an easy to use digital scrapbooking application called Artisan. Artisan is perfect for beginning digital scrappers, those with a lot of photos and little time, and for advanced scrappers looking for a more scrap-friendly application.
    Click here to signup to the program
  • TomatoInk
    best affiliate programTomatoInk carries a complete product line of inkjet cartridges, laser toner, photo paper and printer accessories. We are the one stop shop for our customer’s printing needs. Help us promote all TomaotInk products and be guaranteed on a generous 25% commission on every qualifying sale referred from your site.
    Sign up here to get automatically accepted to the program

Clothing and Fashion

If you are a fashion blogger, or you are just into the latest clothing trends, then these can be good referral programs to join.

  • Headline Shirts
    best affiliate programTheir affiliate program is industry-leading with a 20% commission on all sales. Headline Shirts creatives provocative t-shirt designs from themes in the news. Since 2004 Headline Shirts has been a leading t-shirt brand with boutiques and major retailers worldwide. With a focus on quality – soft vintage-washed shirts, eco-friendly inks, and original, iconic designs – Headline Shirts is well known for creating repeat customers. Headline Shirts is focusing on driving web sales, and with existing name recognition from the offline world you can expect high conversion.
    Click to sign up and be automatically accepted to Headline Shirts program
  • Modify Watches
    best affiliate programModify Watches Modify Watches are fun, colorful timepieces with mix and match straps. They sell watches where you can switch out and interchange pieces to match your outfit. They pay a generous 20% commission on all sales with a 2% two-tier commission on anyone you invite to the program. They also provide special incentives to publishers that drive volume!
    Click to sign up to program and get automatically accepted
  • Lingerie Mart
    best affiliate programLingerie Mart ™ is the largest worldwide distributor of wholesale and retail lingerie, sexy intimate apparel, bras, thongs, panties, sleepwear, sexy costumes, plus sizes, swimwear and more! Their average sale is over $500 to 2,000.00. Big sales mean high commissions to you. They pay 7% commission monthly on all orders they receive from their affiliates. 3% on second tier levels. They cater to all businesses, big and small, including internet sites, chains, discount outlets, exporters, flea marketers, boutiques, EBayers and more! With over 30,000 square-feet of inventory in our Atlanta warehouse, they ship products daily to every state in the USA. They also specialize in the export of lingerie to all parts of the world including all parts of Europe, all of Asia, New Zealand /Australia, Japan and the entire Pacific Rim, and all parts of the UK and Canada. They also ship daily to the Middle East Gulf States, Africa, Central and South America, and all of the Caribbean Islands.
    Click to sign up to Lingerie Mart program and gets accepted instantly
  • Cents of Style
    best affiliate programThe Cents of Style affiliate program is a great way to earn money for your company by referring your customers to a company that prides itself on rock bottom prices and fashion-froward products. Cents of Style sells the latest woman’s fashion accessories, shoes, handbags, jewelry etc. As a Cents of Style affiliate we will give you a 10% commission on each sale you bring to our website, mycentsofstyle.com. We also offer a two-tiered commission program, where you will be pay you $3 for each new affiliate you recommend to Cents of Style. And remember, Cents of Style ALWAYS offers FREE SHIPPING, in the USA, to its customers.
    Click to sign up and be automatically accepted to this program

Health and Beauty

“Health is wealth” as the old adage goes. With hundreds of weight loss affiliate programs, the weight loss niche is one of the most popular and biggest niches in affiliate marketing. Wikipedia estimates that in the U.S. about USD$33 billion dollars is spent on weight loss products. The site notes that more or less 70% of Americans try to lose weight on their own through the use of various DVDs, crèmes, pills, supplements, etc. This is just in the US alone.

  • HCG Drops
    best affiliate programWho does not want to lose weight? HCG Drops Direct is one of the leading sellers of HCG related products. Their HCG diet formula is federally approved. They said thousands of satisfied customers can attest to the success that they have found with the HCG Diet Plan. The website has incentives to purchase bundle packages which leads to an increase in commission paid out to you. FREE shipping on ALL orders too.
    Join HCG Drops
    • Education

      If you in the education business or is an academic blogger, then these programs may suit you.


      Do you have travel, personal or photoblog? Are you looking for a good affiliate program for travel? Try these to monetize your website.

      • Mobal
        best affiliate programThey are America’s number 1 selling world phone service with over 100,000 leisure travelers using Mobals products all over the world. Their affiliate program gives you 15% per sale combined with 6% of lifetime call revenue. This means that for the duration of the phones use, each and every time it is used you’re earning money.
        Click to sign up and be automatically accepted to this program

      Affiliate Marketing is Easy

      Those who said that affiliate marketing was an easy way to make money online must be trying to sell an affiliate marketing product to you. If it was that easy, there would be too many successful online entrepreneurs happily making full-time income from the comfort of their homes or while they travel around the world.

      However, it’s not rocket science either.

      What is a good affiliate program for my website?

      Making money online via affiliate programs is about picking the right products to promote. Affiliate marketing is not about working harder; it’s about working smarter. It is about choosing quality products relevant to your specific niche.

      Now you need to have a website or a blog to start promoting these products. We recommend you use Weebly because it is free or choose one of the recommended business web hosting if you want something more flexible and future-proof.

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